Outfit: True Blues

I went shopping this weekend (surprise!) with a specific item in mind: a basic bodycon midi dress in black. I darted from store to store with a girlfriend and my two kids in tow (my six year old son was NOT happy hehe) to no avail, it seemed. We made the decision to begin our exit from the mall. We were at Ontario Mills which is the size of “are we done yet” and “how do we get out of here” rolled into one. As we strolled past Wet Seal, my friend popped in to scout the place while I waited outside with my kids. I glanced over to see her holding a dress up. SUCCESS! I darted in (to the disappointment of my son who was OVER it) and scoped it out.

This dress was perfect! Midi length, stretchy, sleeveless…and SOFT. Oh, so soft. AND there was a sale. Need I say more? I grabbed two (one black, one navy) and headed to the register; risky, yes, but we had to go. This is the dress:


Wet Seal, $19.90

Now, this model doesn’t quite do it justice. I’m a curvy girl so, for me, it fits like a glove and highlights every nook and cranny; not a bad thing! I love my curves and I implore you to do the same (if you don’t already!). Anyway, I wore the navy one yesterday as part of an outfit. Here’s a peek at my ensemble:

File Jun 13, 10 11 20 AMFile Jun 13, 10 12 04 AM

So cute, right?! I ran errands, made a Mary Kay delivery (I’m a consultant, if you weren’t aware!), and overall just looked great in an effortless way. Even better is I FELT good wearing it. The size XL was perfect for me and I’m a size 14/16 at the moment.

Go get you some! I’ve done the work for you; visit the Catalog below for similar items to purchase to complete this look:


As always, feel free to reach out to me at any time to begin your personal Closet!


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