What’s the Weather Like Today??

For many across the nation, and especially those of us in California, the weather acts like a moody, hormonal person. In the morning, it is cold and biting. Most likely, it woke up on the wrong side of the bed. In the afternoon, it is sunny and beautiful. It wants to be everyone’s friend! But by the evening, it is either crying or tearing things up with the wind, then it goes dark and quiet. And that’s the end of it.

So what do you wear when the weather is having mood swings?? That question can be answered many different ways, however the most sound advice is to LAYER!!!

Let’s review examples of weather types and outfits that can be worn:

Cold Mornings, Beautiful Afternoons

Recently, this has been the weather in So Cal. Strange because it’s January, right?? Nonetheless, when you wake up in the morning and ask that question, “What’s the weather like today?” you immediately want to throw on your UGGs and a scarf and call it a day. But don’t do it!!! DO check the weather; it could go from very cold to over 80 degrees! Don’t be the one people are staring at thinking, “Aren’t they hot? What a dummy.” Instead, here are a couple outfit options:

If you want to wear shorts, consider wearing capri’s instead. You will be covered enough in the morning, and uncovered enough in the afternoon. (If you MUST wear shorts, pair them with funky boots and knee high socks!) Pair it with a 3/4 sleeve tee or a short sleeve tee and throw on a comfy cardigan (or light jacket for the fellas) that can easily be removed when the weather warms up. The goal is to look put together whether you are warm and toasty or cold and chattering. Here are some photo inspirations:

“Is It Going to Rain Today??”

We have all had a day where we knew exactly what we wanted to wear: that new dress you just bought? Oh yeah. But then, you wake up and the clouds have overwhelmed the sky. You then begin to wonder: will it rain today?!?! Check the weather first, then go with your gut. If you think it might rain but you REALLY want to wear that new dress, definitely wear tights! The overcast weather will likely make it cooler than usual, so you will be covered without looking like you’re dressed for a day in the snow. Booties are always cool for “maybe” weather, especially in a fun color. Here is a fun combo:

Long story short, have fun! Be sure to layer and be prepared for whatever the weather will throw at you. Your options are endless. The moment you start taking yourself too seriously, others will too. We only have one life. LIVE IT!!

~Krystine Alaina (all sets styled using Polyvore.)

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