Spring is finally here!! The past two days have been GORGEOUS here in So Cal. The flowers smell divine and the wind is refreshing. One of the reason I love Spring is because the weather is perfect enough for dresses! It isn’t cold to where leggings are necessary yet it isn’t hot enough where you’re sweating down your legs.

That being said, I am SO in love with two of Spring’s major trends: Maxi Dresses and Color-blocking. I can easily see one of my spring/summer “uniforms” being Kimono-sleeved maxi dresses with wedges.

I was browsing yesterday and DROOLED over some of the dresses. Look at what I’m talking about:

Milly 'Bari' Maxi Dress, $485

I LOVE this dress! Not loving the price though.

Here’s another:

Maggy London Colorblock Matte Jersey Dress, $118

I’m partial to anything in those colors. The dress is simple, but that’s my style; I’m a Minimalist. One of my mantras is that I’m an advocate for style, not “fashion.” I’m more interested in what your look says about you (Duchess Catherine), not what message you’re trying to convey with your look (Lady Gaga).

Enjoy Spring!

-Krystine Alaina

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