My Purpose.

So essentially, the purpose of this post is to explain the purpose of Krystine Alaina Style.

As you know, there are plenty of Fashion bloggers out there. They tell you what is hot off the runway, they highlight the new fashion “it” girls, and they give the dish on all the new designers. Well….I am not here to give you that. Why would I when it is already so prevalent?

This here is a STYLE blog. My purpose is to help women find their own personal styles through fit coaching, trend analysis, and good old-fashioned self esteem boosting. I will let you know what the current trends are, but I will also let you know how to translate it into your own style expression. I’m not going to post a picture of a Fashion Week runway show and tell you to wear it; you would likely never come back again! If I post a picture, I will then let you know how to wear it in your real life.

Why do this, you ask? Simply put, it is my passion. So many women out there write themselves off as “ugly” or “frumpy” or they feel as if nothing will fit them. That is not true! My joy comes in the moment when a woman who has felt invisible sees herself in the mirror and finally thinks, “Wow, I look good!”

The world does enough to beat us down. I am here to help pick you up again.

Welcome to Krystine Alaina Style.

-Krystine Alaina

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