This Spring/Summer, there are several trends that you will see all over the stores. Trends like jewel tone colors, cargo pants, neutral colors, masculine/feminine balance, short/long balance, nautical, military,¬†tunics, and best of all….JEGGINGS!

I am so excited about the jeggings. And I’m not talking Pajama Jeans either! With a jegging, not only do you get the look of jeans, but you get the stretchy waistband and the comfort of leggings! Truly the best of both worlds.

What excites me even more is this particular pair of jeggings that I own (that I’m still wearing as I type this, lol!) They are the Cargo Jeggings from the Spring 11 CAbi line. They are AMAZING. Today, I paired them with my Marrakesh Caftan and Sergeant Jacket. Uber cute! I looked put together but I felt comfortable, and that is the key thing.

Do not be afraid of the jegging! If you are concerned about not enough rear coverage, simply wear a longer top like I did. If you do decide to wear a shorter top with it, make sure it is a loose top to avoid looking like you’re trying to show it all.

(Carol, the designer, and a model who is wearing the Sergeant Jacket and Cargo Jeggings!)

If you’re interested in seeing some of these CAbi fashions, check out

I honestly can’t rave about them enough!

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