Get Healthy!!!

For the past couple of months, I have mysteriously been receiving SHAPE magazine in the mail. Not one to question free things, I would sometimes peruse and then end up throwing the magazine away because my 2 year old is obsessed with bellies at the moment. Today, I was looking at the newest edition I received featuring Molly Sims. Have a look:

Obviously, she’s in great shape. So what motivated this post? I’m 23. She’s 38. She looks a whole lot healthier than me!!

So what’s my excuse, then? Being busy? Being a mom? Truthfully, that’s all it is: an excuse. There is no way that I am THAT busy to where I can’t fit in even a 30 minute workout.

The same goes for you, too! Even if you can’t make it to a gym or an aerobics class, there are PLENTY of in-home workout systems that you can try. Recently, I saw an infomercial for the Brazil Butt Lift DVD’s. I might try it….but that’s a different story!!

How does this relate to fashion? Well obviously, it affects your overall image. When you live healthier, you show physical signs (weight loss) of it. More than that, however, is the feeling you will get when you are healthier. I know from experience that when I exercise, I feel better about myself and the way I look in my clothes. Even though physical results aren’t immediate, the psychological and emotional benefits are worth it.

Get off your computer and go do some crunches!!!

-Krystine Alaina

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