Don’t be a party pooper during the holidays!

The holidays are here! For most of us, that means hopping from one social event to the next. Smiling, laughing, eating…..and standing. LOTS and LOTS of standing. For the men, this shouldn’t be too big of a problem, as most are going to slip on their favorite pair of loafers. For the ladies, however, this likely means we have gone out and bought a killer pair of heels…literally!

As cute as new shoes are, they hurt! So before heading out in those shoes, break them in! Wear them around your house to soften the soles and to roughen up the pads on the bottom so that you’re not slipping around your friend’s kitchen floor. To stretch your heels even more (for those of us with wide feet!) put on a pair of tube socks before putting on your heels. It will hurt, but they will stretch as you walk around your house so when you’re ready to wear them out, they will be more comfy.

Another suggestion is to buy inserts for your shoes. Nothing saves your toes more than ball of foot cushions for your heels! If your shoes slip off your heels, buy heel savers. You can find either of these things at your local drugstore.

This post was actually inspired by my upcoming trip to Vegas with my sisters. I went out and bought a super cute pair of black suede platform pumps and have been breaking them in! I also bought foldable flats for that dreaded walk back to the hotel after dancing all night. After much deliberation, I bought Sidekicks. They’re compact, comfy, and easy to walk in. So far I’m impressed!

Long story short, ladies, is that there are plenty of things you can do to make sure you’re having fun all night long this season! Enjoy yourself!

-Krystine Alaina

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