Changing it up!


Hello there! You’ve seen outfits from me but its been a while since you’ve read actual words! I’m writing to announce that Krystine Alaina Style will officially become a fashion blog featuring yours truly in the coming weeks. I’m excited! I’ve ordered my new camera and I’m ready to open myself up to this category!


Fashion blogging is both exciting and vulnerable because it essentially opens you up to the scrutiny of the entire internet. Scary! However, I am confident in who I am and my style philosophy. Do you remember what it is?? No problem. I will refresh you!

I’m all about every day, accessible fashion for the ever day woman. Sure we love to admire those $900 satchels or $1,000 Louboutin shoes, but how realistic is it for the majority of us to be able to purchase them? Quality exists in affordable luxury and I’m here to show you how to mix simple with chic to achieve your best looks. Will you always agree with my outfit pairings? Of course not! That would be boring. But over time you will come to see that style DOES exist for every day folks like myself!

If you will join me on this journey, I will be very grateful. If you decide not to, that is fine as well! But please stop by periodically to browse and if you see something you like, feel free to share.

That being said, I will share photos of myself in the next post to get reacquainted with you all and then the journey begins!

Sending prayers and hope,

Krystine Alaina

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