Hello friends!

Sorry for the long delay; life has been pretty busy! For starters, I do still hold a full-time job as an administrative specialist. Additionally, I am a mommy to a 6 month old boy who is such a joy and I am so proud!!! Thirdly, I am newly engaged (to my son’s father just so you know!) so I’m trying to figure out the logistics of getting married! Finally, I have been exploring the opportunity of being a CAbi consultant!

CAbi stands for Carol Anderson by invitation. Carol Anderson is a designer with over 35 years experience in the business. Her clothes used to be in high end stores such as Nordstrom, but years ago she pulled her line from the stores in order to give women the opportunity to build a successful business as a CAbi consultant.

I would essentially be doing what I already do, just with the backing of the CAbi company. I would be hosting style parties and selling CAbi clothing. I’ve met with a wonderful CAbi girl (hi Valarie!) and she is in the process of trying to get me approved to sell.

With all that said, today I went to Valarie’s CAbi Fall 2010 preview. While there, I met a lady named BJ who sells Ardyss undergarment supports. In September, BJ is co-hosting a show with another CAbi lady named Phyllis. Well BJ needed a stylist so…..guess who will be doing it?!?! Yep! So later on this year I will be posting photos for you to see.

Remember, I am still fully available to you for your styling needs! Pricing is flexible, all you have to do is ask! I will work with you! I can come to you for the initial consultation then I will do your shopping for you! I also do closer cleansers in order to purge your closet of the things you really don’t need. I am available via e-mail at or via telephone at 951-858-8403.

Have a fabulous day!!

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