Image Consultation

In need of a new look? Tired of what’s in your closet? Image Consultation is the right thing for you. With these services, you can opt to have a full overhaul or just “emergency” help for a special event, among other things. I am as flexible as you need me to be!


Signature Wardrobe Overhaul

This package is recommended when a full style re-vamp is needed. The Guided Shopping and Closet Cleanser services are included in this package.
Rate: $400 flat-rate for up to 6 hours of service. Additional time needed will be billed at the standard rate of the service needing extra time. Time can be split up as needed.


Guided Shopping

This service is designed to help teach you how to shop by analyzing your body type, helping you gain a better understanding of your personal style, understanding what colors work for you, and showing you where to shop to gain the most from your efforts.
Rate: $75/hour, 2 hour minimum.


Closet Cleanser

This service is designed to help purge your closet of things that aren’t flattering to you. Once your closet is purged, I will create new outfits using what is left, as well as provide you with guidance on what to shop for to complete your closet. All purged clothing can be sent to a consignment shop or donated (your choice).
Rate: $65/hour.


Residual Refresher

Do you want to stay on top of the latest trends? This service provides quarterly seasonal wardrobe updates via personalized tips, suggestions, and outfit pairings.
Rate: $80/lookbook (billed for the year or via quarterly automatic charges). Please sign up here.


Special Event

Do you have a special event to attend and no idea what to wear? Give me a call! Together, we can put an outfit together that will leave you feeling like the star of the party.
Rate: $100/hour. Additional one-time fee of $75 is charged for all “emergency” requests made (needed within 72 hours).


Debonair Dude

Specially designed for men, this service is designed to bring out your inner “GQ” model. You will learn the best fits for your body, where to shop, and how to have garments properly tailored.
Rate: $60/hour.


Marvelous Mommy

Are you expecting? Congratulations! This service is designed to help you find flattering, comfortable clothes to wear for the duration of your pregnancy. Whether you need casual clothes or office wear, I will help you find what keeps you feeling fabulous. This service can even be provided without your attendance! (I know how icky pregnancy can be at times!)
Rate: $50/hour.


In-Home Consultation

Are you in a rut and in desperate need of professional guidance? This one-hour service is just for you! All you have to do is send me an e-mail outlining your concerns, and I will set up a time to come to you and provide professional guidance on how you can begin to change your wardrobe.
Rate: Consultations are free. No obligation.

***Pricing subject to change at any moment. 


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